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Smart - FAQs

Q: Who is a practitioner for purposes of certification?

A: To obtain certification as a SMART Practitioner, the candidate must be a licensed clinician in one of the following categories:

  • Doctor (MD, DO)
  • Nurse (RN, NP)
  • PhD/EdD
  • Master’s-level social worker
  • Master’s-level mental health counselor

Q: What if I’m not a licensed practitioner, but I have expertise in mind body health (i.e. yoga instructor, reiki master, wellness coach, etc.)?

A: BHI recognizes the experience and knowledge of all types of mind body professionals. We are developing a SMART training pathway for non-clinicians.

Q: When are fees due?

A: The application fee is due once you have completed the application and been accepted into the program. Fees for the Implementation Training, SMART class, CME course(s) and 9-session Mentorship are due prior to the receipt of services. The Competency Exam and Certification fee is required prior to written confirmation of certification.

Q: I have previously attended different components of the certification process (CME course, Implementation training, etc.). Does that count toward meeting certification requirements?

A: Yes. We may “grandfather” in those clinicians who have completed previously some of the certification requirements if this work was accomplished in the last three years. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific situation.

Q: I’ve taken part in other non-BHI group courses. Do I have to complete the SMART 8-session class?

A: SMART is an evidence-based program with a unique, copyrighted curriculum. We strongly believe that in order to lead the SMART program, certified practitioners must experience the course for themselves to understand how the content is presented in a group setting, course pacing and typical conversations that ensue during SMART sessions. You will benefit by observing how BHI clinicians deliver the program weekly, and as well as using our SMART techniques for your own life experience.

Q: Do you require proof of licensure?

A: Yes. If your application to the BHI SMART Practitioner Certification Program is accepted, you will be required to provide a copy of your current medical/professional license.

Q: How do I begin the process of becoming a certified BHI SMART Practitioner?

A: To begin the process, you must complete a BHI SMART Practitioner Certification Program application. If your application is approved, a member of the BHI staff will contact you to discuss a timeline for training. Please note: practitioners accepted into the certification pathway are required to submit the $250 application fee at the outset of the process.

Q: What if I don’t want to be certified? Can I still provide SMART to my patients?

A: No. At this time, only certified practitioners may deliver SMART to their patients.

Q: Can I modify SMART?

A: No instructor sticks to the textbook entirely, and we expect that you will incorporate your own experiences and best practices into your program. However, the manual is a copyrighted body of work that cannot be altered. If you choose to enhance your groups with your own materials, you may do that, provided you notify participants that the materials you are utilizing are not part of the BHI’s copyrighted SMART program. Practitioners are required to work from the most current version of the SMART manual, and will be notified when new editions are released.

Q: Can I reproduce the SMART manuals and recordings?

A: No. The SMART program and its related audio recordings are copyrighted and cannot be duplicated without the express written permission of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine. If you want to use the SMART curriculum, you must purchase the SMART materials directly from BHI.

Q: Do I have to use BHI’s SMART recordings?

A: No. BHI has made its pre-recorded SMART Program meditations available for purchase to certified practitioners as a benefit to those who do not have the ability to record their own. If you would like to record guided meditations for your own patients, you are welcome to do so. BHI has even provided scripts in the SMART Provider Manual if you would like to use the text of our recordings, or you may develop your own recordings at your expense.

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