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The Tools and Support
Needed to Better Face
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Resilient Schools

The Resilient School Program

The Resilient Schools program brings relaxation response-based coping skills and life management tools into the school environment to help educators and students better manage daily stress, and positively impact student’s academic performance and health.

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Since its inception over 25 years ago, the Resilient Schools program (formerly known as the Education Initiative) has been well received by thousands of educators as well as by children of all ages from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. Our program has been implemented in schools in South Central Los Angeles, Newark, NJ, and neighborhoods of Boston as well as in private institutions such as Milton Academy, the Taft School, Dana Hall, Phillips Exeter, Miss Porter’s School*. The program doesn’t attempt to make each day at school stress-free, but does provide school communities with stress management tools that can help students feel calm and ready to learn and teachers to feel re-energized and focused.

Resilient Schools is a “train the trainer” model. The program provides school staff with mind/body skills for their own use and provides pathways for delivering these interventions directly to students. Once trained, staff members are able to teach these skills to students throughout their careers. The Resilient Schools program typically works with schools to customize the training to the needs of their particular site. Schools also have the opportunity to receive on-going support and additional training.

The Resilient Schools program is an interactive, 10-hour training that is offered at individual school sites or at the Benson-Henry Institute. These PDP-granting trainings are offered to groups of up to 25 educators.

Through Our Program Participants Will Learn:

  • Stress Awareness – how chronic stress impacts your capacity to learn
  • Dialogue on stress – signs, symptoms, solutions, defining stress
  • Relaxation Response (RR): physiology
  • Relaxation Response Exercises – including: deep breathing, body awareness/yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness, visualization
  • Goal Setting – Increase your success by clarifying your study plan with measurable goals.
  • To Decrease Test Anxiety – How to feel more in control in test situations.
  • Learn coping skills to feel more in control of your life
  • To incorporate the RR into daily life
  • Integrating mind/body interventions into schools: training for implementation
  • Practice using and teaching skills

The Resilient School Program Also Offers:

  • In class Modeling
  • Ongoing Consultation

“Stress is the number one cause of medical visits in this country; if we are to prepare our children to live in the 21st century, than we need to teach them the skills to deal with stress and promote physical and emotional wellness. Resiliency skills are as important for our children and teens as any other skill they will learn in school, because these are skills they will need to call upon in all aspects of their lives.”


Dr. Herbert Benson
Mind Body Medicine Pioneer

For more information contact Rana Chudnofsky, MEd at
617.643.6068 or email
or contact Marilyn Wilcher at 617.643.6035
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