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The Tools and Support
Needed to Better Face
Life's Challenges

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Referral Information

Thank you for referring your patient to BHI. Our programs/services are based on scientific principles and practices of mind body medicine and help reduce the negative impact of stress.  Research shows that…

We value your referral as we find that patients are more engaged in their treatment plans when supported by their providers. The steps below outline the referral process.

Click below to download the referral form and information sheet:

Patient Referral Form

Patient Referral Form (does not have to be faxed in)

Referral Information for Physicians

If you are a Massachusetts General Hospital healthcare provider, you can refer patients to BHI directly via the EPIC work queue.

The following are downloadable fact sheets for distribution to your patients:

More than 50% of our patients are referred by their primary care physician or a specialist.

We offer two types of patient-based services:

  • Multi-week medical programs, (insurance reimbursable in some cases)
  • Wellness programs and services (self-pay)

You can refer a patient to the Benson-Henry Institute by providing them with BHI materials and contact information. In this instance, the patient will initiate contact with us and usually we will request from you a signature on this referral form.

If your patient expresses a readiness to begin BHI services during your office visit, you may, with the patient’s permission, fax the referral form directly to us, and we will contact the patient to begin the intake process.

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