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The Turkey at the Table: Tips for Handling Thanksgiving Stress

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Study Shows BHI Participants Reduced Doctors Visits by 43%

The core belief of the Benson-Henry Institute (BHI) - that teaching patients mind body approach like meditation and yoga can reduce their stress and improve overall physical health – was proven correct in a preliminary study published this fall in the journal PLOS ONE. The study found that patients who participated in BHI programs reduced their medical visits on average by 43% in the year after taking part.

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Interview with Greg Fricchione

Dr. Fricchione, you are the Associate Chief of Psychiatry at the MGH, Director of its Division of Psychiatry and Medicine, and Director of its world-renowned Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine. Tell us more about your clinical and research interests, and what guided youinto the field of Mind Body Medicine in particular? Dr. Fricchione: I’ve been lucky in that I was drawn to a subspecialtycalled Psychosomatic Medicine and benefittedfrom training here at MGH in the early 80’s in this field.Psychosomatic Medicine allows you to reside in the borderland between the brain and thebody and to stage forays intothe land of the body and intothe land of the mind across the bridge of the brain, allthe while understanding ata very deep level that mind, brain and body are really one country. The age-old mind bodyquestion that has vexed philosophers and scientistssurfaces in almost every patientyou see when you deal with thesymptoms and the sufferinga psychiatrist deals with on the medical and surgical wards. So, it is very interesting and it has led to many researchable questions.

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Fall 2013: Resilient Warrior, Learning to be home again

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BHI Hosts Historic 2015 CME Conference

Two “prophets of Mind-Body Medicine” appeared together on the same stage to open the Benson-Henry Mind-Body Institute’s (BHI) annual CME Conference.  Herbert Benson, MD and Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD earned a standing ovation November 5th after discussing their groundbreaking work and experiences over 40+ years advocating for mind body health.

“It is such an honor to have two prophets of mind-body medicine here to talk about the work they have been advocating for for so long,” said BHI Executive Director Gregory L. Fricchione.  “The world is catching up to their vision, and this is a historic occasion.”

The four-day conference at Harvard Medical School  provided more than 400 integrative medicine practitioners from across the globe an opportunity to explore cutting edge research, share best practices and discover new strategies for treating patients.

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