For Mind Body Medicine
at Massachusetts General Hospital

The Tools and Support
Needed to Better Face
Life's Challenges

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The Tools and Support
Needed to Better Face
Life's Challenges

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First Steps

Step 1

Call us to find out about an initial consultation appointment


Step 2

We will invite you in for a one-hour initial consultation (billable to insurance) with an internal medicine specialist who has expertise in Mind Body Medicine. During this visit, you and the doctor will discuss your medical history, current symptoms, and the impact of stress on your health. You will also determine whether one-on-one treatment or group program is most appropriate.

At the end of your initial consultation, you can stop at the front desk to schedule your treatment start date.

Stress: Fight or Flight

Step 3

Before your program begins, you will come in for a one-hour goal setting and skill-building session with your program provider.

Next, you will attend eight consecutive, two-hour, weekly sessions (class size 20-24 participants).

About halfway through the program, you are invited to attend a 30-minute individual medical visit with your program provider.

Two to four weeks after the program, you will have a 30-minute discharge visit, which is designed to help you retain the skills you have learned.

The First Class (option to include a significant other) reviews the science of stress and the relaxation response. You will learn about the many behaviors, attitudes and thoughts that lead to the stress response as well as those that help elicit the relaxation response.

All remaining classes start with a focus on learning and experiencing a meditation method. The second hour will focus on building skill in a variety of cognitive strategies that help create adaptive responses to stress.

Each class will also provide motivational and behavioral strategies that support successful behavior change.

For Individual Skill-building Sessions

You will start with a one-hour goal setting and skill-building session with your BHI provider.

Next, you will meet with your provider every 3-4 weeks for 30-minute individual medical visits (typically 4-8 visits). Each visit will focus on skill building in a variety of attitudes and behaviors that offset stress and restore healthy balance and maximize resiliency.

Patient Testimonials

“Participating in the SMART program has been one of the best things I have ever done to improve my health. The program gave me the tools and support I needed to better face life’s challenges with grace, confidence and strength.” JP

“BHI clinicians and programs are amazing! It doesn’t matter you age, your background, or your issues/stress-related symptom. The programs are life changing! I give BHI five stars.” ~ LK


The 8-week SMART Program costs $500 per person. This is a self-pay fee due at your one-hour goal setting visit.
Individual visits with clinicians are billed to most insurance plans, however normal co-pays apply.  Please check with your insurer provider prior to your initial visit to determine coverage and referral requirements.

Refund Policy:

  • Full refunds less a $125 cancelation fee will be made with at least 3 business days’ (72 business hours) notice prior to the program start date.
  • Full refunds less a $225 cancelation fee will be made with less than 3 business days’ notice through attendance at the first session. No further refund is available after this point.
  • No refunds/returns will be made for materials received/purchased.