Resilient Kids Program

resilientkidsDoes your child have a health condition that is caused or made worse by stress?

Join us for

Resilient Youth: A 6-Week Mind Body Program

This interactive, engaging, research-validated program gives teens, ages 12-18, the self-care skills they need to reduce physical and emotional symptoms and move through life’s challenges with greater resiliency. To register click HERE and select 6-session program:


Your child will learn:

• How stress affects thoughts and feelings 
• Meditation methods that can reduce symptoms and improve physical health, such as deep breathing, mindfulness and imagery
• How to foster positive thoughts and attitudes
• How to develop long-lasting positive habits that can build personal resiliency over the long-term

Leadership: This program is led by Rana Chudnofsky, Director of the BHI Education Initiative.

Parent Group: Parents can make a significant difference in helping their children reduce stress, while reducing their own stress by participating in a separate 6-session stress-reduction and resiliency building program in the same building. 

Please call for current pricing.  These services are not covered by insurance.

For more information, please contact Marilyn Wilcher at 617-643-6035 or .

To register, click HERE and select 6-session program.