Dr. Herbert Benson

Herbert Benson, MD,  has been a pioneer in Mind Body Medicine, and one of the first Western physicians to bring spirituality and healing into medicine. Throughout his 40+-year career, Dr. Benson has worked to build awareness of Mind Body Medicine, to validate it through research, and to bridge the gap between Western and Eastern medical practices. Dr. Benson is the Director Emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute (BHI), and Mind Body Medicine Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School.

At BHI, Dr. Benson continues to lead the field with research into the efficacy of Mind Body Medicine to counteract the harmful effects of stress. The recipient of numerous national and international awards, he has lectured widely about Mind Body Medicine and the BHI's work. His expertise is sought by national and international news media, and he appears in scores of newspapers, magazines, and television programs each year. Dr. Benson's research extends from the laboratory to the clinic.

A graduate of Wesleyan University and the Harvard Medical School, Dr. Benson is the author or co-author of more than 190 scientific publications and 12 books, including:

  • The Relaxation Response, 1975
  • The Mind/Body Effect, 1979
  • Beyond the Relaxation Response, 1984
  • Your Maximum Mind, 1987
  • The Wellness Book, 1992
  • Timeless Healing: The Power and Biology of Belief, 1996
  • The Relaxation Response - Updated and Expanded (25th Anniversary Edition), 2000
  • The Breakout Principle, 2003
  • Mind Over Menopause, 2004
  • Mind Your Heart, 2004
  • The Harvard Medical School Guide to Lowering Your Blood Pressure, 2006
  • Relaxation Revolution, 2010

More than five million copies of his books have been printed in many languages.

Collection of Herbert Benson Papers

The collection of Herbert Benson papers [H MS c238] is part of the Harvard Medical Library collection at MGH's Countway Library. If you are interested in viewing this collection, please schedule an appointment with Countway. A retrieval request takes about 1-2 days to process. Access to some portions of this research is restricted. Click the link for directions and contact information to the Countway Library History of Information Center.

Take a moment to elicit The Relaxation Response with Dr. Herbert Benson in the video below



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